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Chocolate Chip Cookies


Our Story

Castle Chip Bakehouse emerged from a shared love for sweets nurtured over almost two decades.  Andrew and Suzanne found love in each other and in the pursuit of delectable treats. Their sons, George and Drew, embraced this passion, making it a family affair.

Amidst the challenges of COVID, they honed their oversized chocolate chip cookie recipe, refining it over four years until they were confident to share it beyond their family circle. They seized the opportunity to turn their baking dreams into reality, leading to the birth of Castle Chip Bakehouse.

The name Castle Chip holds significance as it reflects their home on Castle Drive in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and evokes the joy of iconic brands like Chips Ahoy!, envisioned by their son Drew.

Castle Chip Bakehouse is guided by core values: Quality drives us to use only the finest ingredients; Freshness is paramount as we meticulously preserve our ingredients; Customer satisfaction is key, shaped by invaluable feedback; Authenticity defines our traditional baking techniques, evident in each hand-molded, generously-sized cookie bursting with premium chocolate in every bite.

At Castle Chip Bakehouse, we invite you to indulge in the love and dedication baked into every cookie, crafted to sweeten life's moments, one delicious bite at a time.

Castle Chip Bakehouse Cookies

Our Ingredients

Our bakery prioritizes quality ingredients to ensure each bite is a delightful experience. While we use organic butter, the remaining ingredients are not organic. Our cookies boast a perfect blend of milk chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate morsels, carefully balanced to harmonize without overpowering. Additionally, our dough is crafted with a special blend of two different types of flour, resulting in a dense yet light texture that truly sets our cookies apart.


Life is uncertain

... but dessert doesn't have to be.

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