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How Castle Chip Bakehouse started...

Andrew and Suzanne fell in love with one another almost 20 years ago, meeting at the same elementary school where they were both teaching.  One of the ways their love grew was through their individual love of sweets.  They often traveled further than most would to taste new sweets, often crossing state lines!  Their sons, George and Drew, fell right in line with loving sweets!

During COVID, they took their love of cookies more seriously.  They used the little extra time they had at home and curated their oversized chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It took 4 years to gain the confidence to share their cookies outside their close circle of family and friends.  Andrew and Suzanne took a leap of faith and Castle Chip Bakehouse was born!

About Our Cookies

Quality: Despite the allure of cost-effective generic brands, we remain committed to using only the finest ingredients to ensure top-notch quality in every bite. 

Freshness: With an attention to detail akin to a Type A personality, we are relentless in maintaining the freshness of our ingredients. Countless weekends have been devoted to sourcing the perfect air-tight containers, and our home pantry has been meticulously reorganized to accommodate our commitment to freshness.

Customer Satisfaction: While our early customers have mostly been friends and family, we value their feedback immensely. Their opinions have played a pivotal role in refining our recipes and ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our mission.

Authenticity: We pride ourselves on preserving traditional baking techniques, ensuring each hand-molded cookie weighs a satisfying 4 ounces. Our dedication to authenticity extends to our use of two distinct types of chocolate—milk chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate morsels—ensuring a harmonious blend of flavors in every delectable bite.

Castle Chip Christmas Platter
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